The possession and/or use of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited on Penn State York campus. This prohibition includes all areas open or closed to the public. Violation of this policy could result in disciplinary action and/or criminal charges.

Drugs or Other Harmful Substances

The possession, use, manufacture, or distribution of any controlled substances or paraphernalia on University property is strictly prohibited. The term “controlled substance” includes any substance that is governed by the Pennsylvania Controlled Drug Device and Cosmetic Act (Act 64), or any chemical used expressly for the purpose of producing euphoric effects on the body (inhalants). Any person found in possession of a controlled substance or drug paraphernalia will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency for criminal prosecution. In addition to arrest, the University may elect to impose some form of disciplinary action or other sanctions.

***The exception to this policy is authorized law enforcement officers or other approved personnel, for the purposes of lecture, training, or demonstration.***

Firearms and Other Weapons

It is a violation of policy for any person to possess, carry, or use any weapon, ammunition, or explosive on University owned or controlled property. Any person found in violation of this policy is subject to criminal prosecution and/or University discipline.

The use, possession, or carrying of any dangerous knife, club, or other offensive weapons while on University owned or controlled property, or at any University sponsored activity, is prohibited (the term dangerous knife does not include a standard pocket knife).

***The exception to this policy is authorized law enforcement officers or other persons specifically approved by the University.***


In accordance with state and federal regulations, Penn State York enjoys a smoke-free Campus. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and on all grounds (except smoking is allowed in the student parking lots). This smoking prohibition includes e-cigarettes.

Pets on Campus

The Penn State York campus contains many acres of attractively manicured grounds and sports fields, coupled with an appealing wooded area. These beautiful surroundings invite people to exercise their animals both day and evening. We encourage our neighbors to utilize our facilities; however, we ask the following rules be followed for health and safety purposes:

  1. Pets may not run freely, and must be on a leash (being held by the handler) at all times.
  2. Pets are not allowed on sports fields or tennis courts.
  3. If your pet defecates on campus property, please clean it up promptly.
  4. Pets are not permitted inside campus buildings.
    *This rule shall not apply to seeing eye dogs, authorized animal research or training conducted on Penn State property, and dogs being used by law enforcement agencies.*
  5. No pet shall be tethered to any fence, tree, shrub, post, or other object located on Penn State property, not designated for the purpose of securing animals.


See Parking and Traffic Regulations page for detailed information

Students must obtain a parking permit by the first day of the semester. Parking permits are free of charge and can be obtained in the Business Office, John J. Romano Administration Building. There will not be a grace period for parking tickets! Students may only park in designated areas.

Handicapped parking spaces are located in most campus parking lots. Temporary parking permits are available from reception desks, and most departments. Designated areas are available for visitor parking and for motorcycles.

Bicycles and Skateboards

We encourage students and visitors to ride their bikes to the campus, but please consider pedestrian traffic. Do not ride bikes on walkways or down steps. Bikes may not be ridden or parked inside any building. Please do not park bikes directly outside building entrances, as they may create a physical hazard. For parking and security, bike racks are located in several areas of the campus.

Riding skateboards on Penn State York property is strictly prohibited!

Campus Services


Campus security officers will provide personal escort services to any member of the campus community, between on-campus parking areas and buildings.

If you are in need of an escort while on campus, contact the security department by dialing extension "8444" from any campus phone (not pay phones) or 771-8444 from any other phone. Wait for the officer to answer, then tell him what you want and where you are located. A campus extension phone is located in the lobby of each building, except the Glatfelter Library. If you have an emergency and need to contact police, fire, or EMS, you can dial 911 from any of these phones.

Lost and Found

The Safety & Security Department maintains a campus Lost & Found program. Any found items should be brought to the security office immediately. Persons who have lost property are encouraged to check at the security office for their belongings.

Portable Engine Starter

The Safety and Security Department has purchased a portable 12 volt (rechargeable) battery starter. This unit is used in place of another vehicle, for "jump starting" a dead car battery. If you are in need of this service while on campus, contact a security officer by dialing extension "8444" from any campus phone or 771-8444 from a cell phone.

AED Unit and Medical Bag

The Safety and Security Department has a fully stocked medical bag, to be used in most medical emergencies. In addition to the medical bag, the department also has an Automated External Defibrillator Unit (AED). This unit is for use by trained personnel on a person who is in cardiac arrest. Several members of the faculty, staff, and student body are certified to use the AED unit and are also certified in CPR.

Telephone-Radio Interface

We have made it easier to contact a security officer, by integrating the campus telephone system with the two-way radio network. You can contact security by dialing extension "8444" from any campus extension (not pay phones) or 771-8444 from any other phone. Campus phones are located in the lobby of each building (except Glatfelter Library). If you have an emergency and need police, fire, or EMS, you can dial 911 from any of these phones.

Computerized Incident, Ticketing, and Parking Permit Database

The Safety and Security Department uses a computer software program that has modernized the preparation of incident reports. This same program allows for easy storage and access to parking ticket information, along with rapid data retrieval of campus parking permits.

Full-time Security Staff

The Safety and Security Department employs its own staff of officers. A Penn State York Security Officer is on duty any time the campus is open. These officers do not wear traditional "security uniforms", but instead are dressed in subdued clothing. Officers wear clothing with the "Penn State York Safety & Security" logo on it.