Women’s Philanthropic Network (WPN)

Women’s Philanthropic Network (WPN)

Inspiring the Next Generation of Giving

Whether you attended Penn State in York or elsewhere, or whether you have experienced the impact of Penn State York as a community member, you know that our campus is a catalyst for change. You can make change happen, too, as a member of the Penn State York Women’s Philanthropic Network (WPN). Welcoming both established donors and new donors making their first gift, the WPN brings women together, both face to face and with technology, to unite their financial power in a collective voice—to create, nurture, and transform Penn State York through philanthropy and encourage the development of women as philanthropic leaders.


Each year, the Penn State York Chancellor presents the WPN with requests from the campus community that address needs as basic as scholarship support for students and as diverse as funding for academic programs, athletic activities, student life activities, and community outreach endeavors. The WPN considers those initiatives that meet both the mission and the strategic imperatives established by the campus leadership team.


Members become engaged with the funding process through conversations with the Chancellor and each other. At the group’s annual Discovery Meeting, which members can attend in person or through technology, participants are encouraged to speak up and speak out, offering a recommendation to the Chancellor outlining the WPN’s funding interests as they relate to the needs of the campus. The Chancellor will then provide details to the full membership about the selected programs and activities. Current members are encouraged to engage others, who have a similar passion to support and serve the campus, by sharing this information with prospective members, and the WPN will identify a shared support goal.


Members are required to make annual gifts of cash (checks, credit cards, appreciated securities) that are directed to the priorities and goals established for the WPN. A portion of your donation could be utilized to support and sustain the activities of the WPN. If your employer has a matching gift policy, those matching gifts count toward your membership level for the year.

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Membership Levels of Giving

Junior Membership (young alumni within one to ten years of graduation date)


Sapphire Membership


Diamond Membership


Contributions are accepted throughout the year. Membership for the next fiscal year’s engagement cycle (July 1) will be based on gifts received prior to June 30. Awards to support campus entities and initiatives will be announced in April and will be based on the WPN’s funding balance as of March 31.


As a WPN member, you can become engaged in networking activities at whatever level you desire. We encourage you to expand your relationships, both professionally and personally, with fellow members—those in the local community or miles away. The WPN offers a directory and LinkedIn page available to members only, and networking activities will be planned throughout the year, including some focused on connecting young alumni members with senior members to facilitate mentoring.


Each spring, an annual event will be hosted by the Chancellor to bring together those who can travel to the campus to network in person, meet award recipients, and celebrate the WPN’s philanthropic successes. Current members are encouraged to invite friends, family, and colleagues to attend the celebration as their guests and become future members of the WPN.

To learn more about how you can become a member of the Penn State York Women’s Philanthropic Network, please contact:
Di Hershey
Director of Campus Development
Penn State York

Messages from Charter Members

“I’m proud to be associated with this dynamic group dedicated to the development of women as philanthropic leaders – discovering the power of giving together to support the Penn State York community!”  –Carol Tanzola, Charter Member.

“Our family’s ties to Penn State are deep, and we know how the Penn State experience can make such a positive impact on the lives of not only Penn State students, but the communities throughout Pennsylvania and beyond. I am delighted that the York Women’s Circle of Giving at Penn State York gives me a unique chance to help extend that impact.”  –Susan Allen, Charter Member