Parking and Traffic Regulations

Parking and Traffic Regulations

The parking and traffic regulations have been designed to provide for the safe coexistence of pedestrians and motor vehicle traffic, and to afford equitable use of all parking areas. The Safety and Security Department is authorized to enforce established vehicle and parking regulations. Any vehicle entering the campus is subject to current traffic and parking regulations. We request that you adhere to all regulations and posted traffic control devices, or direction from Safety and Security officers. Driving is not permitted on any walkways or grass areas. Major vehicle code violations will be reported to the appropriate police department.

Vehicle Registration and Hanging Permits

All daytime students, faculty, and staff, whether full- or part- time, are required to register their vehicle and obtain a hanging permit. For safety and security purposes, evening and weekend students are encouraged to register their vehicle. Vehicles must be registered with the Safety and Security Department, located in Room 11 of the John J. Romano Administration Building (Romano). Students registering vehicles will need go online at Faculty or staff must show college ID or proof of employment. One hanging permit will be issued, but can be used on multiple vehicles. There is no cost for any permits. If a permit needs to be replaced due to loss or damage, it must be done immediately.

Hanging permits are to be placed on the rearview mirror, with the permit number facing outward. Vehicles not displaying a permit or displaying a permit incorrectly will be ticketed.

Only vehicles displaying a current and authorized faculty/staff permit may park in the faculty/staff parking lots (map designation Lots B). Vehicles parked in the faculty/staff lot not displaying appropriate permit, will be ticketed, booted, and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles displaying a current and authorized student permit may only park in the designated student parking lots (map designation Lots D). Any vehicles parked in the student parking lots not displaying an approved permit, will be ticketed, booted, and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

Handicap Registration

Handicapped parking is available on campus. Vehicles parked in those spaces must display a valid state issued hanging permit or license plate. Students, faculty, and staff must also display their Penn State parking permit. Those who have temporary disabilities may obtain a temporary permit by submitting a doctor’s letter to the Safety and Security Department. The permit must be displayed on the front dash of the vehicle. Vehicles parked in handicapped spaces and not displaying an authorized permit will be ticketed, booted, and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Handicapped parking spaces are located in most campus parking areas.

Temporary Parking Permits

A temporary parking permit must be obtained by anyone visiting the campus, or by anyone who forgets or loses their regular permit (Student, Faculty/Staff). A temporary parking permit can be obtained from: Safety and Security Office, Bursar’s Office, Business Office, all reception desks, Library, Bookstore, Computer Lab, Admissions, Advising & Information, Student Affairs (financial aid), or Continuing Education departments. If a parking permit is required and none is displayed, the vehicle will be ticketed, booted, and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

No Parking Areas

Parking is prohibited at loading docks, fire lanes, on or across any walkways, and on grassy or vegetation areas. No vehicle shall block any walkway, fire hydrant, or anywhere that creates a hazard for other drivers or pedestrians. If a vehicle becomes disabled in a No Parking Area, the Safety and Security Department must be notified immediately. Any vehicles parked in these areas will be ticketed, booted, and/or towed at the owner’s expense. The exception to this rule is University maintenance, emergency, or any other authorized vehicles.

Restricted Parking Areas

Visitor parking spaces are provided for anyone visiting Penn State York. These parking spaces are located on the south side of the Main Classroom Building (map designation Lot A). Visitors must obtain a temporary parking permit from the department or person they are visiting, and the permit must be displayed on the front dash of their vehicle. At no time will an enrolled student at Penn State York be considered a visitor. However, students may use the 15-minute parking spaces while making brief visits to campus. Two parking spaces for the admissions office are located on in front of the John J. Romano Administration Building (Romano) (map designation area C). These spaces are for persons visiting the admissions office, and are not to be used for student parking. Any unauthorized vehicles parked in these spaces will be ticketed.

There are spaces in the student parking lot designated for motorcycles. Any motor vehicles (other than motorcycles) found in these spaces will be ticketed. Two spaces beside the M.S. Grumbacher Information Sciences and Technology Center (Grumbacher) have been reserved for Bookstore parking only. Parking in these spaces are for bookstore patrons only (No Student Parking).

Parking Sanctions and Fines

The Penn State York Safety and Security Department or other authorized persons, have the right to ticket vehicles in violation of established parking regulations. The Safety and Security Department reserves the right to place an “auto boot” on any vehicle it deems necessary. This boot will be used mainly for vehicles that are not registered, or have amassed more than $50 in parking fines. The use of this boot will cause an additional fee of $10 to be added to any fines. Willful destruction of this item will result in criminal prosecution (Pa. Crimes Code Sec. 3304 a-2 Criminal Mischief) and full restitution. The Safety and Security Department also reserves the right to use the services of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to obtain vehicle ownership information on any unregistered vehicle. A processing fee of $5.00 plus postage will be assessed to any unpaid fines. An additional $5 per ticket may be added to violators found to be habitual offenders.

The Bursar Office will be notified of fines not paid within 30 days of issuance. Your grades, transcripts, and registration for class will be placed on hold until all fines and costs are paid in full.

Fines for violation of established parking regulations range from $15 to $20. Tickets paid within 48 hours of issue will be discounted by $5. Tickets not paid within 30 days of issue will be assessed an additional $5.00. Checks for the payment of fines can be made payable to “Penn State York.” All fines and additional costs collected for parking violations go entirely to the Student Government Association.

Summary of parking fines
Violation Cost
  • Reserved for Admissions
  • Loading Area
  • Permit Not Displayed
  • 15 Minute Parking Area
  • Visitor Parking Area
  • Faculty/Staff Parking Lots
  • Posted "No Parking" (including yellow curbs)
  • No Permit
  • Blocking Fire Hydrant
  • Illegal Parking

Handicap Parking Space


Traffic Appeal Procedure

Anyone receiving a parking fine while on campus has the right to appeal the ticket to the Traffic Appeals Committee. This committee is comprised of members from the student government, faculty, and staff. All appeals must be made in writing on an appropriate form, and submitted within 48 hours of violation to the Safety and Security Office. In addition to the Appeal Form, collateral in the amount of the fine must be posted at the time of appeal. If found not guilty or if fine is reduced, the correct amount will be refunded. Appeals will be individually reviewed by the committee, and all decisions are unanimous and final. I forgot, I didn’t know, I was late, the weather was bad, or the ticket was not on my car, are not considered valid excuses.


  • Vehicles should be locked at all times while on campus.
  • Expensive personal property (such as: cameras, stereos, speakers, jewelry, purses, wallets, etc.) should not be left inside your vehicle where it is easily viewed.
  • Any theft of property or damage to vehicle should be reported immediately to security office or local police.

Student parking permits must be obtained by the first day of classes. There will not be a grace period for parking tickets!

Liability Waiver

The Penn State York buildings, parking areas, and grounds are patrolled by trained security officers. However, the University assumes no liability for property lost, stolen, or damaged.

Safety and Security Department
1031 Edgecomb Ave. York, PA 17403
Phone: 717-771-4103
Fax: 717-771-4195