Student Conduct Policies

Student Conduct Policies

Penn State York accepts its obligation to provide for its students an atmosphere that protects and promotes its educational mission and which works to guarantee its orderly and effective operation.

Therefore, certain standards of conduct, practices, and rules and regulations have been established and are expected to be followed.

These guidelines are found in the Student Code of Conduct or the Penn State York Student Handbook. More detailed information can be found via the Office of Student Conduct.

For more information on student policies and the Code of Conduct, please see someone in the Student Affairs office.

You may report an incident for any student at Penn State. When reporting an incident, the behavior addressed will be evaluated through a formal or informal conduct process. Each student has rights within the conduct process and to alternatives to a formal conduct process (e.g. mediation services, etc.).

When a report is received, a student conduct designee will review the report and may be in touch with the complainant to describe next steps and/or to clarify or gather more information. Following that, a time will be scheduled to meet with the respondent. The formal or informal conduct process begins at that point.

If there is an emergency, please contact the Safety and Security office at 717-771-8444 or call 911.

Additionally, anyone can report an incident of sexual harassment and assault online as well.

Penn State also has a website where individuals can report general concerns, possible threats, or any situation that you’d like to bring to the attention of the University along those lines.