Benefits of Becoming a Graham Fellow Candidate

Students who elect to pursue a Graham Fellowship will benefit from a variety of activities designed to develop leadership skills. Students will receive guidance and training on interviewing skills, résumé preparation, professional presence, dining etiquette, and networking. They will be exposed to local and national leaders from a wide array of disciplines through The Graham Speaker Series, and they will be encouraged to demonstrate their networking skills during the Corporate Partners Dinner. Many students will also be able to take advantage of internship opportunities with companies and organizations in the York region.

The program is currently available to students in all majors.

Outside the Classroom Experiences

Students will participate in corporate partner networking/meet-and-greet opportunities and guest speaker events offered throughout the year on campus. In the past, students had the opportunity to attend events with Penn State alumni entrepreneurs Gary Eberle and Robert Choi. Opportunities such as these will help students hone the skills they learn in the program, and may also help them make connections that could prove to be beneficial to their futures.

Additionally, the chance for networking is not limited to on-campus events. Students participating in internships are often able to travel with their corporate partners to conferences and meetings which take place out of the office.

How to become a Graham Fellow Candidate

Students can enter the program in two ways: referral/recommendation by faculty in their chosen discipline or through self-identification. Both avenues require the program application and supporting documents to be presented to the appropriate faculty adviser and the candidate's representative in Advising and Career Development. A résumé and two academic and/or professional references are required.

Students are asked to complete the application and include the appropriate supporting information.

For more information and any questions contact your faculty adviser or one of The Graham Fellow faculty liaisons.

The Graham Internship Process

A key component of The Graham Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies is the identification of internship opportunities with a number of corporate partners. Students electing to apply for internships must understand the process used to place eligible interns.

Internship Process Summary

  1. Corporate partners provide a job description that includes the responsibilities of the internship. Students interested in applying for any posted internship should contact their faculty representative.
  2. Faculty representatives identify Penn State York students, participating in The Graham Program, who should be considered for the internship.
  3. Application packets for each student being considered for the internship are submitted to the corporate partner.
  4. Corporate partner schedules interview with all eligible candidates and selects a candidate.
  5. Corporate partner extends an offer to the student that would include:
    • Length of Internship
    • Rate of Compensation
    • Name of the Mentor Assigned
    • Focus of the Internship
  6. Faculty representative meets with the mentor from the corporate partner to establish observation and evaluation schedule.
  7. Internship begins.
  8. Evaluation of the intern is completed by the mentor twice during the internship.
  9. Results of the evaluation are shared with the student, the faculty representative, and the Graham Center executive in residence.

Student Responsibilities

The Graham Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies at Penn State York is an opportunity for students to enhance their entrepreneurial and leadership skills through participation in planned activities and internship experiences. These activities are designed to prepare students for future opportunities in a chosen career.


  • Submit a completed application package (available on The Graham Center website or at The Graham Center, located in the Bradley Building).
  • Participate in activities offered to students. These include:
    • The International/Domestic Dining Experience
    • Corporate Partners Dinner
    • Professional Presence Activity
    • and a minimum of three events from The Graham Speakers Series
  • Maintain a 3.0 grade-point average (GPA) in the student’s major.

Specific Responsibilities of Student Interns

An internship is an opportunity for Penn State York students to participate in and contribute to the daily operation of a company or organization. This provides the student with an understanding of the processes that are necessary for successful business experiences.

Student interns must be punctual and regularly present for the internship. It is expected that any absences from the assignment must be cleared through the mentor assigned to the student.

Student interns are expected to dress appropriately for the internship. Proper attire may vary by organization. It is the responsibility of the student to understand and respect the organization’s definition of proper attire.

Student interns will follow all of the policies and procedures that guide all other employees in the organization.

Student interns understand that an evaluation will be completed by the assigned mentor and the Penn State faculty representative.

Student interns may be required to participate in activities and events planned by the Corporate Partner.

Student Tool Box

Students entering The Graham Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Studies should be aware of a number of tools that are available as one prepares for the possible placement into an internship opportunity.

These tools can be accessed at any time to assist students in their preparation for the opportunity to seek an internship with a corporate partner.

Advising and Career Development

The Penn State York Advising and Career Development office is available to provide support to students participating in The Graham Program.

Review of Résumés

Graham students are required to schedule a review of their résumé to assure that it is of exceptional quality.

Mock Interviews

To assure Penn State York students are prepared to compete for internship opportunities, students should schedule a Mock Interview through Andrew Caldwell, Advising and Career Development.

The Graham Center

The Graham Center, located in the Bradley Building, is the hub of entrepreneurial leadership activities on campus where students can:

  • Gather and share ideas
  • Schedule time with The Graham Center executive in residence or assistant
  • Access news and reference materials

Online Writing Lab

Penn State students have access to the Online Writing Lab that can be used to assist in the development of the résumé and writing sample.