Psychology is a vast scientific discipline, and in addition to applied and clinical psychology (the traditional, public view of psychology), both the bachelor of arts in Psychology and the bachelor of science in Psychology degrees expose students to other areas of inquiry including the biological bases of behavior, learning and cognition, social and personality psychology, and developmental psychology. York’s psychology programs will provide an in-depth and well-rounded baccalaureate degree for those students who want to go immediately into the workplace, and will also provide an excellent foundation for those students wishing to pursue graduate work.

Through their psychology classes and the broader liberal arts background they receive, psychology majors develop important skills in areas such as critical thinking, research methods, statistics, and writing, and also enhance their analytic and computer expertise.

These new degrees will be an excellent complement to York’s existing program in human development and family studies, especially for those students who want to explore areas of psychology that go beyond the traditional areas of counseling and clinical psychology.


The following psychology majors can be completed at Penn State York:

  • B.A. in psychology
  • B.S. in psychology
    • Business option
    • Science option

All require a minimum of 124 credits for graduation, and all have the same core psychology requirements.

Students completing the B.A. in Psychology must show competency in a foreign language and take additional courses in the liberal arts.

Students completing the B.S. in Psychology do a concentration in either science or business, along with some additional supporting courses.