Degree Information

Degree Information

Admission to EMET

Students meeting the acceptance criteria will be accepted directly as incoming first-year students into the baccalaureate program in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology.

The criteria for acceptance into the major are identical to the criteria for acceptance into the College of Engineering. The minimum number of secondary school units required for admission consideration to the College of Engineering is as follows:

  • 4 units of English
  • 5 units of Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences/Foreign Languages
  • 3 units of science (preparation in Chemistry and Physics is advised)
  • 3 units of math including 1 1/2 units of algebra, 1 unit of plane geometry, and 1/2 unit of trigonometry
  • 2 units in a single world language other than English are required. However, a student may be admitted with fewer than 2 units in a world language other than English, but must correct this deficiency by the time he/she earns 60 credits. This deficiency may be corrected by passing one 3- or 4-credit college level world language course or by demonstrating proficiency equivalent to two units of high school world language study. In most high school curricula, one unit equals one year of study.

Transfer students can also apply for admission into the EMET program with advanced standing. If a student wishes to transfer into the program, he/she must also meet the College of Engineering admission requirements. Generally, transfers can occur at any time and will be handled in the same manner as transfers into any other four-year degree. Transcript evaluations will be used to determine the transferability of courses, and department evaluations will determine the substitutability of transfer courses for required courses in the curriculum.

Degree Information

The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology (B.S. EMET) degree program provides the basic undergraduate education required for a career as an electro-mechanical engineering technologist. The program emphasizes a breadth of knowledge in all fields of engineering technology related to typical, highly-automated manufacturing, production, or assembly plant processes. The degree provides basic coverage in all major areas of technology involved in the operation and control of manufacturing and production processes.

The primary aim of the EMET program is to provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply current methods and technology to the development, design, operation, and management of electro-mechanical systems, particularly in those industries where automated systems are prevalent.

The major is organized as a four-year baccalaureate program with the corresponding Penn State admission requirements. Graduates of an associate degree in either electrical or mechanical engineering technology from Penn State may reenroll in the EMET program. The College of Engineering ENGR students may enroll through "Change of Major" procedures. Students from an engineering technology program at another institution or community college accredited by ETAC of ABET may transfer into the program with advanced standing.

For the B.S. degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology, a minimum of 130 credits is required. This program is accredited at Penn State Altoona, Penn State Berks, Penn State New Kensington, and Penn State York by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission (ETAC) of ABET.