Information Technology

Information Technology

The Penn State York Office of Computer and Information Services (C&IS) provides state-of-the-art hardware and software for our students and faculty. All the computers found in the computer labs at the campus have full Internet access and support Microsoft Office 2010.

The Office of C&IS at Penn State York maintains all computer labs on campus. These labs provide students the opportunity to enhance their learning with the power of technology.

If you need computing assistance, please submit a support ticket. If you need further assistance you can call the Penn State York Help Desk at 717-771-4080 or visit

Cooperative Lab Management (CLM)

Starting in the 2014 fall semester, Penn State York computer labs will be participating in Cooperative Lab Management, a university shared service provided by Classroom and Lab Computing from University Park. CLM is built on a consistent, hardened operating system image, leveraging a common set of software. CLM provides students and faculty a more consistent computing experience when moving between campuses or around University Park. CLM has significant key features that will benefit students and faculty in a classroom or lab environment:

  • Roaming User Profiles – contains user preferences and application settings that follow the user from computer to computer.
  • Classroom Control – a software utility for use by an instructor from a podium computer in a teaching lab that will lock student screens to help minimize classroom distractions.
  • Doceri - an application that can be used with any Windows or Macintosh computer, to control a podium computer with an iPad.
  • Printing – students can request printing credit online for pages not printed or spoiled pages; purchase additional pages on demand via LionCash+; and manage printing settings.

Computer Lab Policies

  • DO NOT connect personal computers (Laptops, Desktops, etc.) to another computer in the lab or to the Local Area Network (LAN)
  • No food or drink is allowed in the computer labs
  • Please show courtesy to other students in the computer labs
  • DO NOT hack into unauthorized computer systems. (see Policy AD-20)

C&IS Staff

The team provides service and support for the campus faculty, staff and students. Our support staff is in charge of keeping the network and telecommunication systems up and operating smoothly.