Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Student Leadership Development Institute (SLDI)

This unique institute is hosted by the Pennsylvania Black Conference on Higher Education (PBCOHE) and engages students from across the Commonwealth in workshops where they discuss interpersonal relations, cross-cultural communication, and building inclusive environments. A select group of students who show promise for the future are chosen to attend on behalf of our campus. Students are exposed to encouraging keynote speakers, participate in discussions about the intersection of daily life and the skills needed to effect change, and develop an awareness and understanding of how to work across boundaries.

National Association for Campus Activities (NACA)

The National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) is a leader in higher education providing knowledge, ideas, and resources for campus life. As a member institution, they provide our campus with programs and events focusing on student and professional development, program planning, concert management, diversity, and much more. Each year, students from the University Programming Board (UPB) attend the NACA Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference where they learn more about programming, their own personal and professional development, network with fellow college students, and bring back fun and creative ideas to implement on campus. This is also a time for students to watch and hear from a variety of live performers in hopes of booking them to bring to campus so that the student body can enjoy their artistry.

Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leaders Program is a seven-week program that will focus primarily on the Leadership Challenge Model. Each session is geared towards the development of students leadership skills and development and to examine and reflect on their own leadership qualities. The initiative is geared primarily for first-year and sophomore students but any student is welcome to participate. One session is facilitated in each of the fall and spring semesters, and an Advanced Leadership Program is in the planning process for those that have completed the Emerging Leaders Program for the 2016–17 academic year.

Summer Leadership Conference (SLC)

The Summer Leadership Conference (SLC) is an annual three-day conference that brings Penn State student representatives from almost every campus across the Commonwealth. Through various workshops and activities, the conference strives to provide all participants an opportunity to enhance their own leadership, citizenship, and networking skills. The selection of students to attend this conference is completed each April and the conference is held at a different Penn State Commonwealth Campus each year in the early part of August.

New Student Orientation - Orientation Leaders (OLs)

Each year, Penn State York welcomes new students to our campus and these students go through our New Student Orientation process. The first phase of the process focuses on their academics and advising as they transition to college life. The second phase focuses on everything else in terms of getting to know the campus and the University, campus policies and procedures, resources, meeting our faculty, staff, and fellow students, and about the out-of-classroom experience. To help facilitate this program, students are selected each year to serve as Orientation Leaders (OLs) for our incoming students. These students that are selected represent a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, and passions that serve as perfect mentors for our incoming students. This process is conducted in the Spring semester through an application and interview process and those students who are selected to be an OL will go through a three-day training program in August and facilitate New Student Orientation Phase 2 on the Friday and Saturday before classes begin for the fall semester. A similar process mirrors this one to select and train international student leaders to welcome our new international students each fall.