Apply for a WPN Grant

The Women’s Philanthropic Network (WPN) invites applications for support from members of the Penn State York community. The funding requests can address needs as basic as scholarship support and as diverse as funding for academic programs, athletics, student life activities, community outreach endeavors, and special initiatives that will enrich the lives of students at Penn State York.

Deadlines and Process

Applications from academic departments, University-supported student groups, athletic teams, and cross-disciplinary and outreach programs will be accepted through September 8, 2017. Appropriate signatures from department heads and program advisers are required. Those initiatives that meet both the mission and the strategic imperatives established by the campus leadership team will be considered. The selected initiatives will be presented by the chancellor to the WPN members at their annual Discovery Meeting in the fall 2017. Awards to support selected initiatives will be announced in April 2018, and will be based on the WPN’s funding balance as of March 31, 2018.

Award Amounts

The maximum award is $10,000. If a project’s total budget is greater than $10,000, other sources of support must be stated and appropriate documentation from other funding partners provided. The number of grants and amounts awarded will be dependent on the total dollars received by the WPN during their fundraising cycle.

Recognition and Reporting:

Award recipients will be invited to attend the WPN spring celebration event. Within thirty days after the conclusion of the funded event/project, recipients must submit a one-page minimum narrative summary of the project, including successes and barriers encountered to success and a detailed budget.

Contact Information:

Questions: Contact Di Hershey or Iona Conlon in the Penn State York Alumni and Development Office

Grant Application

Reminder – the application will be read by WPN members


Please answer the following questions:

  1. How does this project enrich the lives of students at Penn State York or enhance the campus’ mission of promoting civic, social, cultural and economic growth throughout the community?
  2. Why is the program important? Does it address a gap within existing campus programs?
  3. What is the expected outcome? How many people (faculty, staff, students, and external) will be engaged in your project?
  4. How will you measure the success of your project? What are the qualitative and quantitative measures you will use to assess impact and effectiveness?
  5. If your project is funded, how will the WPN be recognized as having played a role in the success/completion? How will you provide representation at WPN events to share information about your project with members?
  6. What additional information or supporting arguments would you like to provide?