Dr. Jessica Petko working with a student.

Options are a good thing

Penn State provides access to a variety of academic programs through the 2+2 Plan, but that’s not the only way to earn a degree, or should we say 275+ degrees?

By: Barb Dennis
Penn State’s 20 Commonwealth Campuses throughout Pennsylvania provide a variety of opportunities.

Penn State offers more than 275 academic programs from our 20 locations across the state. We want to give students the freedom to live and learn in the type of academic environment best for them.

Some students come to Penn State York for one of our 11 degree programs and stay at our suburban campus located in South-central Pennsylvania near Harrisburg and just one hour north of Baltimore, Maryland.

Other students spend two years with us and then transition to another Penn State campus to finish their degree. This program is called “2+2 Plan.”

Nicole Muscanell and students in a classroom.

Dr. Nicole Muscanell with students

You can earn a B.A. or B.S. in psychology at Penn State York or do your first two years in York and move on to another Penn State location to complete your degree. Either way, you will have an opportunity to engage with our outstanding faculty members like Nicole Muscanell, assistant professor of psychology, center, and perhaps participate in undergraduate research.

Image: Barb Dennis

The 2+2 Plan

More than 50 percent of all Penn State students complete their degrees with the 2+2 Plan.

Although there are many Penn State locations, all of our academic programs are the same. So, no matter where you start or finish your Penn State degree program, your diploma will say The Pennsylvania State University.

Learn more about the 2+2 Plan at Penn State York.

Check out the list of Penn State’s 275 academic programs.

Students celebrating international dress.

Students celebrating international dress

Whether you stay for two or four years at Penn State York, you’ll experience a campus rich in diversity and a community of students, faculty, and staff proud to be part of Penn State.  The Unity Day celebration each year provides an opportunity for members of the campus community to come together and share their cultures and traditions.

Image: Barb Dennis

2+2 Plan

Whitney Brown started her Penn State story at Penn State York, and took advantage of the 2 + 2 program.  She graduated in May 2017 with a bachelor of science in science with the legal studies, government service, and public policy option.  She also earned a minor in African American Studies.

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