Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Prescribed Core Course Requirements (18 Credits)

  • EDUC 505 Curriculum Foundations (3)
  • EDUC 506 Curriculum Development and Instructional Design (3) (Prerequisite: EDUC 505)
  • EDUC 520 Learning Theory for the Classroom (3)
  • EDUC 539 Educational Assessment (3) (Prerequisite: EDUC 520)
  • EDUC 586 Educational Research Design (3) (Prerequisite: EDUC 539)
  • EDUC 591 Education Seminar (3)
  • Education Elective Courses (9 Credits)

Students select three elective courses in such areas as Instructional Skills, Curriculum Development, Special Needs Students, Classroom Climate, and Technology.

Implementation Experience Courses (Three 1 Credit Courses)

Implementation experience courses are designed to offer guidance and support as students begin to use strategies in their own classrooms. Students will select one Core Course and follow that course with an implementation experience course. Also, students will follow-up two Education Elective Courses with two implementation experiences.

These one-credit implementation courses will meet for twelve and a half contact hours and will include required assignments that connect theory to practice.