Introduction to Sheri Yoder, Director of International Student Services at Penn State York

Introduction to Sheri Yoder, Director of International Student Services at Penn State York

Congratulations on your acceptance to The Pennsylvania State University, York campus! WE ARE all Penn State – one University in twenty locations; students graduating from ANY of our campuses earn a diploma from The Pennsylvania State University!

The experiences and resources available at Penn State York will help you reach your academic goals. At Penn State York, you will complete the basic courses required of first- and second-year students for more than 160 majors. After completing your first two years of study, you then have the option to move to another Penn State campus, including University Park, to finish your degree. This is called the 2 + 2 program – you spend 2 years at one Penn State campus and then 2 years at another, or you can stay at Penn State York to earn one of the ten different degrees offered at our campus.

My name is Sheri Yoder and I am the Director of International Student Services at Penn State York. My job is to help you prepare to come to Penn State and serve you while you are studying at our York campus. There are many details that need to be coordinated over the next few months if you choose to study at the York campus:

  • Review the Pre-Arrival Task List: Helpful information for completing each pre-arrival task is located at Read the information in each category first and then email me with any questions you have.
  • Visit Penn State’s Office of Global Programs website at and in particular, at your earliest convenience. Many of your questions regarding your transition to the United States and our campus can be found on these sites.
  • Plan to arrive in time for New International Student Orientation, which begins on Monday, August 14. This orientation is fun, helpful and mandatory, so plan to arrive during the week prior to orientation.
  • Purchase your airline tickets early: you must fly into Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) if you want Penn State to provide transportation for you. We will pick students up at the airport on Thursday, August 10 and Friday, August 11. Check the pre-arrival guide for more details about times and locations.
  • We will take students to IKEA to shop for furniture and household items on Saturday, August 12. Volunteers from the York community will be available on Sunday afternoon to help.

You can find out more information on the 2 + 2 Program and your transition to the University Park campus after your second year of study at Penn State York.

York, Pennsylvania, is a great place to live and learn. We hope you choose Penn State York as the place to begin your Penn State education. WE ARE Penn State York!


Sheri Yoder
Director of International Student Services
Penn State York